CBD Enriched Granulated Sugar

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• CBD-enriched granulated sugar is made utilizing 100% pure & natural cane sugar.
• In the granules, the natural molasses makes a unique taste.
• Available in pleasing texture and natural color with 10 mg hemp oil.
• Pure CBD (Cannabidiol) product with the finest form of extraction.
• Organic hemp extraction & crystallized by means of most advanced separation technique.

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CBD-enriched granulated sugar product can be compared to icing sugar. Its fine texture makes it very easy to add to your daily cannabinoid diet as an important part. The CBD is pure and it will provide users with an easy feeling while remaining attentive. The granulated sugar texture can easily add it to your cannabinoid diet such as homemade recipes, mix with your preferred liquid or can be placed directly under your tongue. In the case of a dietary supplement, CBD-enriched granulated sugar with complete spectrum of the cannabinoids is more resourceful than the utilization of an isolated cannabinoid.

Ingredients: Granulated CBD-enriched 100% sugar

Dosage: 2.5 mg per tsp for daily use


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